North Dakota Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum

The North Dakota Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum Playbook® and DVD interface includes lesson plan templates, quizzes, activities, video clips, drive route templates, etc. to use during curriculum development. The Playbook® is student classroom manual.

This interface blends 3D animations, real-world videos, interactive presentations, and engaging student activities; all accessible through the Instructor presentation.

Instructors will appreciate the way the Playbook supports their teaching styles and gives them instant access to student-centered activities. Teachers who embrace the resources provided in this new interface will find increased opportunity for student engagement and better learning outcomes.

Chapter 0 - Parent Orientation

Chapter 1 - Uniting Driver and Vehicle

Chapter 2 - Knowing Where You Are

Chapter 3 - You Are in Control

Chapter 4 - Find, Solve, Control

Chapter 5 - You Control the Intersection

Chapter 6 - Space Management

Chapter 7 - The Science of Driving

Chapter 8 - Creating Open Space

Chapter 9 - Create Control

Chapter 10 - Putting It All Together

Chapter 11 - Power Pak

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