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Distracted Driving

By its nature, driving requires multitasking and the skills to pay attention to several things at once. Our ability to drive safely depends on a focused effort—it’s a recipe for disaster for a driver to take on additional tasks and unrelated mental engagement while traveling down the road.

Advancing technology—and the greater numbers of smart phones as well as our reliance on these devices have combined to generate a growing hazard of inattentive drivers on our roadways.

North Dakota is doing something about it. There’s a law and it is being enforced.

North Dakota has an all-driver ban on composing, sending or reading any electronic message or data, including accessing the Internet through a communications device—while driving a vehicle. This “texting” ban is also in effect when the vehicle is temporarily stopped, such as at a stoplight.

The texting law is “primary” enforcement, which means that a law officer can and will pull you over for this—and needs no other reason.

The ticket is $100.