NDDTSEA Playbook Curriculum

North Dakota Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum

The North Dakota Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum Playbook® and DVD interface includes lesson plan templates, quizzes, activities, video clips, drive route templates, etc. to use during curriculum development. The Playbook® is student classroom manual.

This interface blends 3D animations, real-world videos, interactive presentations, and engaging student activities; all accessible through the Instructor presentation.

Instructors will appreciate the way the Playbook supports their teaching styles and gives them instant access to student-centered activities. Teachers who embrace the resources provided in this new interface will find increased opportunity for student engagement and better learning outcomes.

Chapter 0 - Parent Orientation

Chapter 1 - Uniting Driver and Vehicle

Chapter 2 - Knowing Where You Are

Chapter 3 - You Are in Control

Chapter 4 - Find, Solve, Control

Chapter 5 - You Control the Intersection

Chapter 6 - Space Management

Chapter 7 - The Science of Driving

Chapter 8 - Creating Open Space

Chapter 9 - Create Control

Chapter 10 - Putting It All Together

Chapter 11 - Power Pak

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A very special thanks to the North Dakota Curriculum Team, the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Western Oregon University (WOU) Trainers of Trainers Curriculum Revision Team for their countless contributions to the Playbook and its digital counterpart.