General Resources

The Administrative Resource Guide for Driver and Traffic Safety Education in North Dakota is a resource for driver and traffic safety education instructors and schools in planning and implementing a driver and traffic safety education program. The success of the driver and traffic safety education program depends on many things, including well-trained, enthusiastic instructors; a comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum; focused diligent students; supportive parents who provide encouragement and supervise practice time, and classroom and driving experiences reflecting good driver and traffic safety practices.

To view the guide, please click on the following link: Administrative Resource Guide

In order to teach driver education in high schools, a person must have a teaching license with a driver education teaching endorsement.

For additional information, please click on the following link: Drivers Education Teacher’s Endorsement

As parents, we know you want to keep your children safe. Teens are much more at-risk than the rest of the population due to their inexperience in handling driving situations. The following guide and agreement was created to help you navigate the world of teenage driving.

The North Dakota Drivers License Division offers an online service to view and print driving records for a small fee. Click on the following link to enter the drivers license record request system: